Soliton to Present Groundbreaking Ultra Low Latency Solutions

Soliton to Present Groundbreaking Ultra Low Latency Solutions at IBC

Amsterdam, Netherlands – 26 August 2019 –  Soliton Systems, the lead manufacturer of mobile video contribution units using H.265 encoding over multiple 4G networks, have announced new levels of latency never before achieved for a mobile Outside Broadcast product. They plan to demonstrate this at IBC 2019.

Soliton, whose products include the Zao-S as the world’s smallest H.265 encoder to live stream over multiple 4G connections, are now adding to this accolade by having the lowest latency of any mobile video encoding product on the market. It’s current latency of 240ms from camera to broadcast station is already deemed the lowest available, but at IBC they will be showing another technological breakthrough of having an end-to-end latency of 50ms.

“This level of latency is astonishing!” claims Mark Andrews, the Head of Broadcast and Mobile Surveillance at Soliton Systems Europe. “When you think a typical latency of video through a 4G network is around 35ms, to achieve an overall latency of 50ms to include encoding and decoding is a real testament to our Japanese engineering team.”

To put this in context, typical 4G encoding systems have latencies of between 2 to 5 seconds. A satellite connection typically has a minimum latency of 1.5 seconds. Often this is what causes the delay experienced when journalists are interviewed on a live news report with the awkward pause between the studio and the journalist. With this low latency technology, those remote news reports relying on 4G never have to experience a pause between questions again.

“The initial driver for low latency was a partnership between Soliton and an automotive company for remote driving applications” Andrews explains. “When remote driving from a remote location relying on cameras, latency has to be practically zero. We have now been able to take that innovation and apply it successfully to the broadcast market”.

Other live streaming productions including sports, as well as encrypted mobile surveillance, also benefit from lower latency.

As well as ultra-low latency solutions, Soliton also plan to show their new web management solution for managing units in the field without the need for a local technical resource, as well as a new cloud based video switcher for smaller production companies who wish to live stream to social media and switch between different camera sources, all controlled through a cloud portal.

Attendees of IBC can visit the Soliton stand in Hall 2, B.11 to experience their live streaming solutions between the 13 – 17 September 2019 at the RAI in Amsterdam.

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About Soliton Systems: Soliton Systems, headquartered in Japan with offices in Europe, USA and China, manufacture a range of mobile video streaming, video encoding and security products. Its flagship product, the Smart-telecaster ZAO, is in use by range of global broadcasters, news and sport production companies, and emergency service providers.





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