Soliton's initiative for live streaming in this period of time.

Soliton's Initiative for live streaming in this period of time.




Amsterdam, Netherlands  26 March 2020 – Soliton Systems, the lead global manufacturer of mobile video contribution units using H.265 encoding over multiple 5G / 4G LTE networks, understands that there might be a need for secure and reliable video communications during this period of crisis. Therefore, Soliton wishes to take an initiative by providing its secure live video transmission app for free for organizations and public safety industry officials caught up in this panademic to facilitate the fast and easy sharing of live news and information.

Soliton's ZAO App is using the H.265 codec and proprietary core technology, RASCOW,  to provide super reliable and secure fast streaming. The app communicates with the HD View receiver software that can be located on-premise on a suitable Windows 10 platform for vewing and streaming to a VMS, social media or other video viewing platform.

The benefits of using ZAO App:

  • Fast, easy and reliable live streaming from an Android or iPhone
  • Live video transmission with 5G /4G LTE / 3G / Wi-Fi networks
  • Full HD live streaming at 2Mbps with H.265 encoding
  • Point-to-Point live streaming with minimum delay
  • Two-Way audio communication
  • Secured transmission with AES 256-bit encryption and authentication
  • Error correction, packet sort and automatic streaming controls with RASCOW
  • RTMP, RTSP and NDI output options from receiver software besides SDI output

Please check out the details from the link below and fill out the form to request licenses:

For more information:

Soliton Systems 

Anita Ghosh

1082MA Amsterdam.


Tel +31 (0) 20 301 21 66

About Soliton Systems: Soliton Systems, headquartered in Japan with offices in Europe, USA and China, manufacture a range of mobile video streaming, video encoding and security products. Its flagship product, the Smart-telecaster ZAO, is in use by range of global broadcasters, news and sport production companies, and emergency service providers.


Anita Ghosh

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