Soliton launches ultra low latency for mobile surveillance

Soliton launches ultra low latency live streaming for law enforcement

  • Soliton integrates new Zao-X for real time live streaming into VMS platforms
  • Mobile surveillance from untethered devices such as drones, vehicles and people
  • 65ms Ultra Low Latency Live streaming from camera over 4G
  • 4K formats and 5G supporting multiple telcos simultaneously
  • Mobile surveillance applications include police, law enforcement and border control

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8 June 2022 - Amsterdam, Netherlands –– Soliton Systems, a global manufacturer of ultra low latency live streaming and IT security solutions, has announced the integration of their new Zao-X product into Video Management Systems (VMS) as used by many law enforcement agencies.

The Zao-X is a unique for law enforcement as it can live stream video over 4G from any untethered device such as a car, drone, or person with the lowest latency of any other video streaming product over cellular.

 Soliton Systems is a world leading developer of live streaming video technology over 3G, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi and satellite network. Their Zao range of products and encrypted RASCOW transmission technology are in use by global broadcasters and surveillance agencies for highly reliable live streaming from the field. The Zao-X is the latest encoder for fully encrypted live streaming with end-to-end latencies well below 100ms from a remote camera back to a command and control room.

 Go Ito, Managing Director of Soliton Systems Europe explains “Law Enforcement Agencies are using the Zao for a range of mobile live streaming applications such as public safety, situational awareness, tactical operations and covert surveillance. With high quality and reliability coupled with its encryption and open integration, makes it ideal for the police and other government agencies in need of live streaming from remote locations back to a command center.”

 Soliton’s world beating ultra low latency means that commanders can take operational decisions without the need for a real-time confirmation from someone on the ground. With other technologies offering delays greater than a second, it used to be a risk to take operational decisions on live-video alone and so needed a real eyeball confirmation – with Zao-X and encrypted video in almost real time, these operational risks have been mitigated against freeing up valuable resource.

 The Zao-X also supports a range of video codecs from 720p to UHD 4K as a hardware encoder. A software version where manufacturers can OEM the live streaming technology will be made available shortly.  Soliton has seen a demand from many organizations to OEM streaming technology for integration into their own hardware for military, border control, and other law enforcement needs such as drones, robots, machinery, and vehicles.

 The Zao-X will begin shipping immediately and interested parties can contact Soliton Systems via the Soliton website.

 About Soliton Systems:-  As a leading Japanese technology company serving many industries across the globe, Soliton has pioneered IT security solutions for protecting company IT resources, and also develops highly reliable live streaming solutions for surveillance, broadcast and remote operation solutions. Soliton continues to innovate in many markets and the products continue to grow and innovate with a strong emphasis on Research & Development to serve an ever-changing world.  Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan the current CEO and founder, Dr. Nobuo Kamata has been a technology-oriented leader and pioneer for over 30 years.

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