Soliton and NewChannel offer secure network and remote access solutions

Better, easier and safer access to company data and systems with certificates

Amsterdam, 29 September 2021 - Soliton Systems, a Japanese provider of IT Security solutions, has appointed NewChannel B.V. as its value-add distributor in the Benelux.
With this new partnership, the innovative cybersecurity and communication solutions from Soliton Systems will be available for the Dutch and Belgian markets through NewChannel's extensive reseller network.  NewChannel and its resellers are supported by the Soliton Dutch office, which provides the commercial, marketing and technical knowledge to make this new partnership a great success.
"The need to be able to work remotely in a safe way has become painfully clear in the past almost two years. Not only were companies often unprepared for this demand in terms of IT infrastructure or policy, but the sinister world of hackers has also seized on this development to gain access to company systems and data," says Raymond Kreefft of NewChannel. "Soliton Systems solutions for accessing corporate networks and working remotely are certificate-based. The NetAttest EPS, for example, is an all-in-one solution with RADIUS, PKI, Certificate Management (CA), OneTime Password (OTP) and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). That makes selecting Soliton a very logical and easy choice, both for resellers and their customers."
Niels Zwinkels, Soliton Sales Manager Europe, continued: "At Soliton, we see the complexity of IT infrastructures and, consequently, how this compounds complexity in IT security. With our preventive, easy-to-manage and easy-to-fit solutions, we help organisations regain control over their network and remote access security. With the rapid worldwide growth of Soliton, we have now set our sights on the BeNeLux market. In NewChannel, we have found a distributor with whom we can further develop and support the Benelux market, along with their partners. In addition, we will be actively looking for new partners to strengthen our joint position. Soliton's solutions are standard developed based on the Zero Trust Framework. Much attention has been paid to simplifying management and increasing ease of use for administrators and end users."
Soliton Systems' solutions are immediately available through NewChannel.
About Soliton Systems
Soliton Systems has a strong vision of innovative solutions that logically meet the needs of diverse organisations, businesses and governments without adding complexity. Soliton supports them in managing their security challenges, including network security and remote access to internal and cloud-based applications. Soliton's solutions protect every organisation and business from unauthorised access and unintentional data leakage.
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About NewChannel
NewChannel B.V. is a leading Value Add Distributor focused on delivering IT security and management solutions through a broad and experienced reseller channel in the Benelux.
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Soliton Systems

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