Soliton Systems addresses need of remote working on company desktop computers

8 May 2020, Amsterdam, Netherlands – Soliton Systems, a global provider of IT security solutions for the SME and enterprise market, have announced the launch of SecureDesktop for remote working with a free trial available for a limited time.

SecureDesktop provides secure remote access from unmanaged devices such as home computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones to employees wishing to access their corporate PC or Mac within the company network.

Hans-Peter Ponten, Product Manager at Soliton Systems Europe explains “Accessing the company network from a remote device that a company does not manage could be fraught with danger. The last thing you need is for an employee to unwittingly introduce viruses and malware or worse, make an accidental mistake that puts the organization at risk. SecureDesktop mitigates these risks and introduces a security layer allowing employees to do remote working safely, while contributing to cost savings for the company, without the need for a company to issue company laptops to all employees.”

SecureDesktop allows a user to remote control their company PC on the corporate network, but without the need of a VPN connection which is resource intensive to manage and is susceptible to an array of different vulnerabilities. In almost all cases, the solution will work even without changing firewall, meaning that it is very easy and quick to deploy. SecureDesktop can be easily installed by the employee from the app store or Google Play Store and non-intrusively on the remote device.

Ponten continues “Soliton has a pedigree in providing solutions for remote access from all manner of PC’s to smartphones to ensure all company data remains safe and without opening up holes in the company network for a hacker to exploit. SecureDesktop is one of these solutions - it provides a very secure access for users to remotely control their office PC and we are inviting everyone to take advantage of a free trial to test its capabilities.”

The free trial continues until June 30th 2020 and unlike other free trials, it includes full support from the Soliton Systems service desk team.

About Soliton Systems: As a global company with over 30 years of IT security experience, Soliton Systems pioneer remote access solutions to protect company networks and devices. Utilized by many of the world’s leading companies, Soliton’s range of remote access solutions include SecureDesktop, SecureBrowser and MailZen.

Soliton Systems Media Contact:
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