Soliton Systems Announces the Launch of Zao SDK, Featuring the Lowest Latency of Any Video Streaming Technology over Cellular

Soliton Systems Announces the Launch of Zao SDK, Featuring the Lowest Latency of Any Video Streaming Technology over Cellular

  • World’s Best – Lowest latency of any live streaming technology over 4G/5G
  • Unique software approach  - Ideal for OEM manufacturer integrations
  • Remote real time control - Live video and control with almost zero delay
  • Emerging markets - Ideal for teleoperations, automotive, and remote operation

Amsterdam, Netherlands – 14 September 2023 - Soliton Systems, a leading provider of mobile live streaming solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its new product, Zao SDK. This software library can be utilized as an OEM to enable live streaming of video over simultaneous cellular and wireless connections.

Zao SDK features Soliton's RASCOW2 streaming protocol as a software library that has been upgraded to operate on other vendors' hardware, enabling live streaming over multiple 4G and 5G connections with ultra-low latency and extreme reliability. The SDK allows for both live video streaming and remote control.

Zao SDK was developed to cater to the needs of emerging markets, such as micromobility, teleoperation, remote operation of robots, and BVLOS drone operation, as well as a range of surveillance and military applications. With this new OEM product, Soliton Systems is setting a new industry standard for low latency and high reliability for live streaming, even over fluctuating cellular networks or where network contention is an issue.

According to Shinya Hyakutake, Soliton Systems Senior Vice President, "Zao SDK is an innovative technology that will revolutionize the way live streaming is conducted over wireless networks. We are confident that our new software offering will be a game-changer in markets such as connected mobility for remote operations.  Achieving latencies of below 35ms over LTE or even less with 5G is the result of years of research and development, it is unique to Soliton, and we are excited to bring this groundbreaking technology to the market."

The SDK can be customized for multiple cameras and multiple network communication devices, such as cellular modems, Wi-Fi, or other connecting devices like satellite. All external network connections can be bonded as part of the RASCOW2 streaming protocol to create a highly reliable and resilient encrypted network connection At the receiving location, Soliton has developed a new decoding platform known as Zao Cloud that can be cloud based or on-premise.

Soliton Systems is leading the charge in cutting-edge V2X solutions. With ultra-low latency, remote operators located miles away can experience near-real-time video streaming, a crucial element for connected mobility industries like teledriving and teleoperation. Soliton Systems aims to offer a solution that is easy to deploy, customizable, and highly reliable.

As the pioneers in this exciting new technology, Soliton Systems is confident of the positive impact it will have on new emerging teleoperation markets.

About Soliton Systems:

Soliton Systems is a leading provider of mobile live streaming and control solutions. Founded in 1979 in Tokyo, Japan, Soliton has a long history of innovation, focusing on delivering advanced technologies to its customers. The company is committed to providing pioneering solutions that enable customers to capture and stream live video securely.

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