Soliton Systems and 5G Hub join forces to demonstrate remote control of racing Car via 5G

Soliton Systems and 5G Hub join forces to demonstrate remote control of racing car via 5G

  • Remote control of race car over 5G
  • 5G Hub showcase in conjunction with Ericsson and VodafoneZiggo

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Amsterdam, Netherlands – May 10,  2021 – Soliton Systems, a leading manufacturer of ultra-low latency streaming solutions over cellular networks, have announced an almost inconceivable showcase to demonstrate the remote control of a racing car over 5G.

Soliton Systems, in partnership with VodafoneZiggo and Ericsson Telecommunication as part of the 5G Hub initiative to jointly showcase futuristic applications, will demonstrate a remotely driven racing car. It will be controlled using a video live stream where it will be remotely driven using 5G.

Go Ito, Managing Director at Soliton Systems Europe explains “With the 5G Hub, we want to show something spectacular that could really demonstrate the reliability and capabilities of our ultra-low latency units for live streaming, combined with the power of 5G. We thought what could highlight our competencies better than remotely controlling a high-speed race car? Even a few milliseconds delay or loss of video could be catastrophic.”

Soliton's advanced encoding technology with its secure RASCOW2 transmission protocol uses multiple networks simultaneously for improved connectivity and redundancy, allowing what would have traditionally been the domain of sci-fi movies to become a reality. Operations such as remote driving, remote heavy machinery operation, remote drone control and remote surgery could all become normal occurrences.

Edwin Dijkstra, Solution Architect at Ericsson says “: “Soliton is a major contribution to the ecosystem of the 5G Hub. Our partnership allows us to jointly showcase futuristic applications with low latency. The Hub’s aspiration is to be a breeding place for new technologies, and this is being achieved by our ambitious remote driving car demonstration.” 

About Soliton Systems: - Soliton Systems, headquartered in Japan with global offices, manufacture a range of encrypted video encoding and security products. Its flagship products, the Smart-telecaster Zao series, is in use by telecom operators for new 5G business applications and by manufacturers for teleoperation projects.

 About 5G Hub: - 5G Hub is a consortium of four founding fathers: VodafoneZiggo, Ericsson, Brainport Development and High-Tech Campus. Located in High Tech Campus Eindhoven, the 5G Hub features a testing laboratory, training facilities, and a demo studio with 5G and IoT capabilities offering the chance to explore and co-create new technologies over 5G. For more information go to   

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