Soliton Now Renting Smart-Telecaster HD High Quality Live Broadcast Systems for Sochi Olympics​

March 28, 2015

Soliton Now Renting Smart-Telecaster HD High Quality Live Broadcast Systems for Sochi Olympics

Soliton Systems K.K. (JASDAQ Securities Exchange, 3040), a leading innovator of mobile video solutions and products, announced today that its Smart-telecaster HD (“STC HD”) is now available for TV broadcasters to rent for the Sochi Olympics. Soliton’s rental programs include a complete global support package including local modem installation in Russia and phone/email customer service with the STC HD system.

Soliton's STC HD delivers high-quality, real-time video streaming over public mobile networks such as 3G and 4G/LTE. As a result of these features, Soliton’s STC HD has been widely adopted by major broadcasters for creative programming, especially for live sports and news. Soliton customers are planning to capitalize on STC HD’s mobility and technical features to produce a number of live broadcasting programs during the Sochi Olympics. In addition, some new customers have requested full support for their short-term rentals of Soliton equipment. Soliton has responded to their needs by introducing the Global STC Support Package for all Sochi STC HD rental customers.

Dr. Nobuo Kamata, Soliton's Founder/CEO commented, "We are very pleased to offer our customers a highly convenient way to broadcast live HD TV from a variety of dynamic, challenging situations during the Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi, Russia.”

Shinya Hyakutake, Senior VP Mobile Video Communication, added: “We are very confident of the performance our customers will receive based on our extensive testing of our STC HD systems in the city of Sochi, the airport, the mountain cluster for various competitions, inside of train system, and snowboard arena in addition other tests in Moscow.”

Soliton conducted tests in December 2013, using 6 lines of 4G modems on 4GLTE provided by Megafon ( and MTS ( In these on-site tests, very high quality HD video was successfully received at the Soliton studios in Tokyo at an average speed of 4 Mbps and with a maximum transfer speed of 6 Mbps.

Soliton’s STC HD system is powered by its proprietary RASCOW(TM) technology (Real-time Auto-Speed Control, based on the Waterway model). This technology dynamically adjusts video compression ratios and frame rates to ensure a smooth and low-latency video/audio transmission, even over fluctuating mobile networks.

Key functions and capabilities of the system include:

  • Support of 8 mobile channels
  • Seamless live broadcasting even in weak wave bandwidth areas by aggregating multiple mobile carriers
  • Ability to adjust operational settings directly from the camera for maximum flexibility
  • Customizable preset modes for short latency, normal, and steady transmission
  • Compatible with V-mount battery

About Soliton Systems K.K. ( and Smart-telecaster ZAO:
Soliton Systems K.K. (JASDAQ 3040:JP) is an innovative system solutions provider headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, with offices in San Jose, California and Shanghai, China. Founded in 1979, Soliton has been a pioneer in LAN, broadband Video on Demand, IT Security, and other technology products.

Soliton's Smart-telecaster product group has 11 years experience in providing mobile video solutions for mobile news gathering, Internet broadcasting and other vertical markets with demanding HD video requirements.


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