Smart-telecaster ZAO offers a new solution for live coverage at the 2016 NAB Show

NAB 2017

Soliton Systems K.K. (JASDAQ Securities Exchange, 3040), a leading innovator of mobile video solutions and products, announced today that it will be exhibiting its Smart-telecaster ZAO at the 2016 NAB Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, April 18–21. This will be the fourth year Soliton Systems has exhibited its products at the NAB Show. And this year its spotlight is on the Smart-telecaster ZAO, which is a year ahead of its closest competitor.

The ZAO is used for live events and news environments to broadcast live video content over 3G or 4G mobile networks. It made its debut as the world’s first H.265 mobile hardware encoder and boasts a more efficient image compression ratio, lower bandwidth and straightforward, user-friendly controls. Its compact design fits any video camera and is easy to carry and affordable, eliminating the need for bulky, awkward and expensive equipment.

This new product allows broadcasters, news producers and sports producers to become more efficient in their operations and reduce costs dramatically.

The introduction of mobile transmitters fixed to video cameras revolutionized the production of live video feeds. These transmitters allow instant coverage with a much smaller device. And the recent advent of the H.265 encoding standard combined with 4G networks has allowed transmission of high resolution video with low latency at a very affordable cost.

Stop by Soliton Systems’ booth (# SU4324) to see the ZAO for yourself and to experience other new products on show. These include Virtual Reality Live Streaming configured by ZAO, the Low-latency & Image Creation SDI Board, and the H.265 Board, all of which are being introduced as innovative solutions and advancements in mobile video transmission.

For those who preregister for an appointment during the NAB Show, Soliton Systems will also be announcing its next product line as part of its greater commitment to reach the global market with its cutting-edge solutions. Contact Soliton System’s sales department at to schedule your appointment today.


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