Wireless Expo Japan

Wireless Expo

Wireless Expo – Japan – Showcasing New Technology

The recent Wireless Expo in Japan finished at the end of May 2022 which was an opportunity for Soliton Systems to showcase a range of new applications that have been enabled since the recent launch of the Zao-X. 

Soliton Systems specialize in encrypted live streaming from movable remote devices such as vehicles, drones, body-cams – in fact any remote device that is untethered or has no access to LAN connectivity. Soliton have solved the issues of highly reliable live streaming over cellular phone networks, especially when connections are unstable, congested or unreliable.

Soliton demonstrated the following at the 2022 Wireless Expo:-

Smart Telecaster Zao-X - One of the greatest achievements of the new Zao-X, which has been unmatched by any other technology provider, is the ultra-low latency of streaming over 4G, which is as low as 65ms from camera to the viewing screen at the receiving location. It also enables the use of new 5G communications and the ability to live stream in 4K UHD. It can be used broadcasting such as news and live sports, but also mobile surveillance that allows almost real time viewing in the command center for immediate operational decision making.

Remote Driving - also known as Teledriving, is an emerging approach that is gaining traction in the automotive industry. It can be used in conjunction with autonomous driving when the car becomes confused, call’s home and remote operator can take over, for example if there is construction in the road that the car cannot understand how to negotiate. There is also a sperate industry that is rapidly growing known as “micro-mobility”. These are companies building micro sustainable cars that can be remotely driven for robo-taxis and car sharing services.

 Remote driving demo for teleoperation – As well a a demo for remote driving, Soliton were also demonstrating teleoperation. Similar to Teledriving, it is the remote control of machinery, robots, or drones from a remote location. Due to the nature of the ultra low latency, remote control of such machines becomes safe as the operator is not seeing a delayed video signal back in the teleoperator center where there is a mockup of the driving panel.

 4K Live Broadcasting – traditionally when live streaming for video contribution over cellular from a camera, especially in the broadcast world due to mobile phone constraints, the stream was limited to HD as 4K requires enormous bandwidth. The new Zao-X, with its new RASCOW2 protocol, can optimize and compress video based on the available bandwidth at any time. Solution were able to do a live 4K stream from the broadcast camera over the cellular network, and demonstrate the quality it can achieve when compared to HD formats. Ideal for live news and sports productions.

 VR Camera 4K Live – Virtual reality has been in use for many years, but the ability to live stream 4K to  a headset from a remote camera was demonstrated by Soliton. The Zao-X can support a 360 degree image needed for VR applications.

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