How to scale up remote working capabilities without sacrificing security

Given recent times, you are not alone if you have had the need to urgently scale up your IT systems with a sudden increase in home and remote workers.

With many employees being forced to use their own home PC’s and laptops, company personnel are having to secure remote devices, often by urgently installing VPN systems and that can be complex. And VPN’s means that the remote device becomes a part of the company network which means malware and viruses can easily find their way into the company network. VPN is not always secure.

Data loss and compromise can be in breach of GDPR regulations, which can lead to massive regulatory fines, as well as loss in productivity and can put the company’s reputation at stake.

Having people use their own devices also means that personal data and company data should not be inadvertently mixed. A system that can create its own working environment on the remote device is a methodology that a VPN can never cater for.

Is there a better way then VPN’s?

The answer is yes. Soliton can help IT departments with employees accessing data on their own laptops or mobile devices and ensure secure connections - all without the disadvantages of a VPN.

The following webinar is a must-have for company professionals who are looking to quickly implement and scale up a cost effective solution to ensure their company network is not compromised while their remote workers can work securely and effectively, even on their own bring-your-own-devices (BYOD) laptops and PC’s.




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