How IT business can prepare and resist the global crisis

The situation today is unprecedented, and the economic recovery is largely unknown. IT resilience and the operational practices of organizations are being tested on a global scale. 

Business leaders cannot and should not isolate themselves from current events – it is not business as normal and they need to mitigate against all impacts on their businesses from reduced sales revenue and increased risk from a security cyber-attack. But as in any crisis, there are new business opportunities that can help in reducing the economic impact. Companies that are set to succeed in 2020 and beyond are those who able to exploit business driven technologies that will keep daily operations going, even during an economic downturn.

This webinar identifies 4 key strategies and tactics that can help IT organizations to weather through this global crisis now and thrive later.

  1. How Japanese business get prepared and fight the economic crisis
    Speaker: Go Ito, Sales & Marketing Director Soliton Systems Europe N.V. Duration: 15 min.
  2. How to use EU grants to secure income and innovations in IT companies. (15 min)
    Speaker: Ms. Manuela Tudosia, Owner and Consultant of PoleCM. Duration: 15 min
  3. How to reduce costs, improve the cash flow and gain more flexibility using nearshore (outsourcing) partners in Europe.
    Speaker: Gediminas Viškelis, Co-owner, Elsis Group Duration: 15 min.
  4. How to prepare for the upcoming tsunami of cyberattacks and secure company’s assets even working remotely.
    Speaker: Hans-Peter Ponten, Product Manager Soliton Systems Europe N.V. Duration: 15 min.
  5. Q&A session (15 min.)

The free webinar is a must-join for business leaders in IT businesses who want to be prepared for any crisis that could affect their business. The current situation forces companies to reassess their daily business operations and those who prepare for the next event, will be in a stronger position to respond and recover.






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