Elevating Mobile Security with MailZen: Your Path to Secure Outlook Access

Remote work and mobile connectivity reign supreme, meaning securing corporate data accessed through mobile devices has never been more important. Enter MailZen, the secure mobile container app that redefines how organisations approach secure access to Outlook on mobile devices. In this article, we delve into the unique advantages of MailZen over using the native Outlook app, highlighting why it's the superior choice for safeguarding sensitive email data.

The Limitations of Native Outlook Access


While Outlook offers a familiar interface for managing emails, calendars, and contacts, it needs to improve when it comes to security. The main pitfall is that there is no way to separate corporate email data from personal accounts in Outlook on a personal mobile device. The result? A blend of corporate and personal data that muddles the boundaries between work and personal life, posing serious security risks.


MailZen: A More Secure Approach to Mobile Security

MailZen revolutionises mobile data security by providing a dedicated secure container for Outlook access on mobile devices. This approach ensures a clear segregation between corporate and personal data, mitigating the risks associated with data mingling. Here's why MailZen stands as the ultimate solution:


  1. Configurable Security Rules

MailZen empowers organisations to establish and enforce security rules aligning with their needs. These rules can encompass timeouts, blocking measures in response to rooting or jailbreaking attempts, and other essential security protocols. Unlike native Outlook access, which necessitates Microsoft Intune for these capabilities, MailZen offers this level of control right out of the box without requiring specific Microsoft subscription packages.

  1. Unification of Functionality

One of the standout advantages of MailZen is its consolidation of functionality. Unlike native Outlook, where various features like notes, tasks, documents, and browsing are scattered across separate apps, MailZen unifies these capabilities within a single, secure environment. This approach streamlining simplifies the user experience and reduces the burden on IT departments, which only need to manage a single app, enhancing operational efficiency.

  1. Personal vs. Professional Separation

MailZen offers an elegant solution to a common concern: blurring personal and professional on mobile devices. By creating a distinct container for Outlook, MailZen provides employees with a clear separation between personal and professional email apps. This user-friendly approach enhances employee convenience and aligns with best practices for maintaining data security.


A Win-Win for Employees and IT Departments

MailZen's implementation brings benefits that extend to both employees and IT departments. For employees, it ensures a seamless experience where corporate data remains secure and separate from personal information. IT departments can also rest assured that they can efficiently manage security and access without navigating complex configurations or requiring additional services like Microsoft Intune.


Embrace the Future of Secure Outlook Access

In an age where data breaches and privacy concerns loom, MailZen offers a robust approach to mobile data security. By providing a secure mobile container for Outlook access, MailZen transcends the limitations of native apps and supplementary solutions. It safeguards sensitive information and empowers employees with a streamlined and secure mobile experience.

Secure your corporate data, maintain clear boundaries between personal and professional realms, and enjoy the convenience of a unified app. The future of Outlook access is secure, efficient, and accessible through MailZen. 

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