Case Study: Enhancing Healthcare Mobility with MailZen


Client: München Klinik (Munic Clinic in Germany)

Industry: Healthcare


The Munich Clinic, a bustling healthcare institution, faced the challenge of enabling secure remote work for its thousands of remote users. These users needed seamless access to critical applications, including email, document sharing, and image transmission. However, the clinic sought a solution that went beyond traditional Mobile Device Management (MDM) approaches. Enter MailZen, a groundbreaking alternative that prioritizes both security and user autonomy.

The MailZen Advantage:

1. BYOD Security without MDM Intrusion:
  • MailZen doesn’t wrest control of personal devices from users. Instead, it establishes an encrypted secure container for company applications and data.
  • Within this container, users can access company resources without compromising their device’s overall autonomy. This approach fosters trust and addresses GDPR and other healthcare data security regulations.
  • Strict isolation of office and private data ensures that business information remains secure without infringing on personal privacy.
  • No dependency on other external office apps for viewing and editing documents; it can be done within MailZen.
  • Quick setup in seconds.
  • Temporary care workers allows the use of personal phones, preventing secure and sensitive info from being stored and compromised on freelancer phones. Files and data cannot be forwarded by personal apps such as WhatsApp, preventing the clinic from losing control of its data and breaching GDPR commitments. 
2. Comprehensive Application Suite:
  • MailZen offers a full office suite within its container app, including an office suite , email, calls, contacts, calendar, document storage, tasks, notes, browser, printer, and camera functionalities.
  • Users can securely work on their own mobile devices, eliminating the need for a second company phone. This convenience translates to cost savings and improved user satisfaction.
  • It also allows for users to work securely offline. Files can be stored securely within the MailZen secure environment, preventing access by other phone apps.
3. Flexible Deployment Options:
  • MailZen is installed and set up in minutes, a dedicated company phone is not required – no help desk calls are needed to set-up, and no enforced security procedures are forced onto people's personal phones.
  • Whether the clinic’s Exchange servers are hosted in the cloud or remain on-premises, MailZen ensures consistent protection for sensitive company data. On-premises Exchange servers can be configured to be only be accessed via MailZen clients. The MailZen gateway server for Exchange is installed to protect Exchange from online hackers.
  • Web servers can also be accessed via a Mailzen gateway server , e.g., hospital web-based (HTML) applications, allowing access remotely only from a MailZen client, preventing online hackers from direct access.
  • MailZen clients are certificate-based for authentication, providing a high level of security.
  • On-premises and cloud management options accommodate diverse infrastructure setups.
4. Secure User Activity:
  • MailZen enables secure document handling and camera usage, allowing users to capture and transmit medical images confidently without compromising data security. Images are stored within the Mailzen environment, cannot be accidentally mixed with personal data, and can be uploaded immediately.
  • Public-private key authentication ensures a robust and secure connection.
5. GDPR Compliance:
  • MailZen prioritizes privacy concerns, keeping personal data separate from company data, aligning with GDPR requirements.
  • No mixing of contacts, images, communications, or data occurs within the Mailzen container app.
  • By adhering to GDPR principles, MailZen enables healthcare professionals to confidently access and share patient-related information without violating privacy norms.
6. Cost-Effective BYOD Strategy:
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies with MailZen allow significant cost savings. Employees can use their preferred mobile devices, reducing the need for additional company phones.
  • Administrators retain control over corporate data without invasive MDM practices.

Results and Impact:

  • The Munich Clinic successfully implemented MailZen, empowering remote healthcare professionals.
  • Scalability was proven as thousands of users accessed critical resources securely.
  • The clinic moved away from expensive lock-in MDM solutions, while ensuring data protection and adhering to regulations.
  • Regardless of email or web-based application hosting (cloud or on-premises), MailZen provided consistent security.
  • Easy installation by users, with no need for dedicated company phones or complicated MDM solutions, enables users to use their own phones, allowing them to work both online and offline while securing sensitive company data.


MailZen’s unique approach bridges the gap between security and user experience. By embracing BYOD, the Munich Clinic achieved cost savings, enhanced productivity, and peace of mind. MailZen’s secure container empowers healthcare professionals to focus on patient care without compromising data integrity. In summary, MailZen isn’t just about securing emails; it also allows access to other company data, providing a holistic solution that transforms how healthcare institutions approach mobile security for all their patient data

Mark Andrews

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