Soliton Systems Selected for Official Government Approval for Remote Operation of Construction Machinery

14 March 2024, Amsterdam , The Netherlands - Soliton Systems KK, a Japanese technology developer of remote operations and teledriving solutions, announces its selection on the short-list for Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's "On-site Verification of Automation and Remote Technology for Construction Machinery" standards initiative.  This government initiative aims to explore advancements in construction machinery through automation and remote-control technologies.

Scheduled for the first quarter of 2024, the on-site verification will witness the installation of cameras and remote operations technology on construction equipment that will be controlled remotely from a driving simulator. Under real remote-control simulation, analysis and measurements of latency and communication redundancy will be scrutinized to ensure the safe implementation of remote-control technologies. Soliton's cutting-edge "Zao SDK" software will be the focal point for testing, showcasing its unique high-definition live video delivery, its ultra-low latency for both video and control, the resilience bought about by utilizing simultaneous cellular connections, error detection, load balancing, and other robust features of its RASCOW2 protocol. This includes features within the Zao SDK for safe delivery of remote-control signals back to the construction machine.

As the construction industry move toward autonomous machines, safety protocols and benchmarks must evolve. The adoption of remote-control technology has revolutionized safety by allowing operators to manage heavy machinery from a safe distance, mitigating on-site risks. Simultaneously, operators can take breaks without disrupting productivity, prioritizing their well-being.  Multiple cameras around  the machine provides 360-degree visibility, enhancing project execution. Given these innovations improve wellbeing and reduce costs, it is widely recognized that autonomous construction machines are becoming more popular,thus reshaping industry practices, and so necessitating the evolution of safety protocols and necessary government standards.

 Collaborating with Tokyo Tsushinki Co., Ltd., Soliton provides innovative solutions in remote control and monitoring of construction machinery. Leveraging the technology of the mobile encoder "Zao” series, initially serving both broadcasting and the public safety surveillance sectors, Soliton ensures ultra-short delay, high-quality video, and uninterrupted control signal transmission using its RASCOW2 proprietary technology, thus enhancing safety and productivity at construction sites.

The latest iteration of Zao, the Zao SDK, enables ultra-low latency video transmission and communication redundancy, and can be utilized as an OEM product to be seamlessly integrated into existing machinery. Soliton is actively engaged in level 4 autonomous driving projects and is conducting demonstrations with various global system integrators and construction equipment manufacturers to provide robust remote construction solutions in an industry that is rapidly evolving.

For more information about Zao SDK, please visit Soliton's official page:

 About Soliton Systems KK

With over 40 years of technological experience and development expertise, and head-quartered in Tokyo, Japan, Soliton Systems KK is a leading global provider of software and hardware solutions for many technological innovations including live remote operations, IT Security, and image processing for space travel. With global offices, the company's mission is to create innovative and reliable solutions that meet the evolving needs and expectations of its worldwide customers.


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