Soliton is on the move! Step 1: a brand-new website

With our Japanese, technical roots and European clean management style, we have ourselves an interesting business culture with even more interesting people. They are all experts in their field, whether it is IT security, mobile broadcasting or mobile surveillance. Up until recently, we used their knowledge and experience for the sole purpose of product development and customer training.

Although it was a successful approach, we knew something was missing. This is why, a while ago, we sat down and asked ourselves: “All of the information and stories that our experts have gathered through the years, where does it go? How come we don’t share it with the world?” None of us knew the answer. So, we decided to build a brand-new website that revolves around solutions, knowledge and information-sharing.

And here we are! You are looking at the result of months of writing, re-writing and designing a new Soliton story. Everything you knew about us is still here, from our product brochures to our “About us”, but we added an important part: your part, where you, as a visitor, can read all about your challenges and get answers to your questions.

We have created topic hubs where you can find all you need to know about your own field of expertise. And from this month on, we will post new blog articles on a regular basis, updating you on the latest developments in IT security, mobile broadcasting and mobile surveillance. This way, you will have all the information you need at an arm’s length, plus the possibility to contact our experts.

So, have a look around, tell us what you think and hope to welcome you again soon!

Team Soliton