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Category: IT Security / Post date: 28 May 2019

Infosecurity Netherlands, 30 & 31 October 2019, Jaarbeurs Utrecht (NL)

Soliton Systems, a leading developer of IT security solutions, is a co-exhibitor with The Launch Distribution at Infosecurity Netherlands where Soliton will launch its brand-new solution MailZen, for securing access to company data via mobile devices.

MailZen is a secure container solution that eliminates the need for mobile device management (MDM). Following a trend that has been adopted across the industry, this means that mobile devices can now access company resources without IT managers having to manage the device with all the complexity and cost that this entails. The innovative architecture used in MailZen gives a stable platform for future changes. It allows faster and more efficient updates in the case of new iOS and Android software versions, but further it allows new functionalities to be easily added based on ever-changing market demands. MailZen assures a flexible working environment while maintaining the highest levels of IT security.

In addition to MailZen, Soliton will also demonstrate its Network Access Control (NAC) solutions at Infosecurity. Soliton’s NAC solutions are cost-effective enterprise level security solutions and, more importantly, they remove the complexity found in many other NAC- solutions, especially for issuing certificates. Soliton’s Network Access Control is especially suited for the SME to free up the IT department from overly complicated and repetitive tasks while maintaining a high level of security.
Join us at Infosecurity Netherlands! Our consultants will be happy to discuss how Soliton’s approach can help your customers to successfully implement more efficient and innovative IT-security.

Infosecurity Netherlands
30 & 31 October 2019
Jaarbeurs Utrecht
Stand # A098

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