Uncovering the Real IT Security Challenge: A Case Study

May 23, 2023

You'd be hard-pressed to find an IT Manager who doesn't understand that IT security is important. But, sometimes, it's hard for organisations to identify the most appropriate solutions that solve today's problems and help them to future-proof.

One food production company wanted to implement a Network Access Control (NAC) solution. But it quickly became apparent that more was needed to resolve this company's specific issues. By understanding the exact need facing a food production company, it became possible to propose and implement a more comprehensive solution.


Understanding the Challenges

During an initial conversation with the IT Manager at the food production company, it became evident that there were pressing concerns beyond implementing a Network Access Control (NAC) solution. A follow-up workshop involving relevant stakeholders within the IT department was used to gain deeper insights into these concerns and revealed three key requirements:

  1. Adding 2-factor authentication to protect internal Windows servers from unauthorised access.
  2. Providing more secure access to on-premises applications for employees working remotely.
  3. Delivering secure access to on-premises applications to support engineers working for vendor systems.

Upon examining the client's existing infrastructure and future goals, it became clear that more was necessary than just implementing an NAC. This deep dive into the client's requirements and infrastructure became the backbone for a suitable proposal, including an advanced solution that could effectively address all the identified challenges.


The Solution: G/On for Enhanced Security

Alongside NAC, the recommendation was to implement G/On, a scalable Zero Trust-based solution that securely connects users to internal and on-premises resources. G/On emerged as the ideal choice for the client, satisfying all the requirements outlined in the three use cases:

  1. Protecting internal systems, such as the Windows servers.
  2. Enable secure access to internal systems for internal and external users, including remote employees.
  3. Facilitating secure access to internal systems for supporting vendor engineers.


Proof of Concept (PoC) and Benefits

A PoC installation showcased the benefits of G/On. The results were impressive, demonstrating that G/On could:

  1. Enable secure access to Windows servers for systems administrators within and outside the company.
  2. Enhance security by blocking unauthorised access to Windows servers.
  3. Provide access to internal file shares for remote workers.
  4. Facilitate remote support by granting access to internal systems for external vendors.


Future-Proofing and Exceeding Expectations

In addition to implementing G/On, Soliton enabled the client's Oracle application for remote workers and the client's accountant. This initiative saved considerable time for the staff, exceeding the client's expectations and further solidifying the project's success.


Conclusion: Workshop for a Clear Path Forward

The success of this project highlights the importance of supporting organisations to gain a holistic understanding of their needs. This success story inspired Soliton to develop the Clear Path Forward Report, a valuable resource for businesses aiming to understand their IT security better and design effective solutions.


Discover Your Clear Path Forward

With over 40 years of experience delivering innovative IT security solutions, Soliton offers the Clear Path Forward Report to help businesses optimise their IT security measures. The process involves:

  1. Workshop: Collaborating with a Soliton expert adviser to dive deep into your existing IT security setup.
  2. Risk Identification: Identifying risks and their impact on your business.
  3. Problem Discovery: Uncovering the real problems behind your cybersecurity concerns.
  4. Clear Path Forward Report: Receiving a comprehensive, plain-speaking report that outlines challenges and recommends solutions. This report serves as a structured business case for investment in cybersecurity, empowering you to engage other stakeholders in your organisation and initiate the project.


Discover Clear Path Forward

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