Soliton OneGate: Unlocking a World of Secure Possibilities

Data security is paramount, and having a robust authentication solution is non-negotiable. That's where Soliton OneGate comes into play. The authentication system offers a centralised approach to strong authentication, enhancing security and efficiency through a single, streamlined authentication method. 

Let's find out how Soliton OneGate is making a difference.


Use Case 1: Secure Access to Networks and Wi-Fi with Client Certificates

Soliton OneGate, in conjunction with on-premises NetAttest EPS and Soliton KeyManager, delivers robust network authentication without the typical complexity. Through client certificates, it fortifies authentication measures, ensuring that only authorised users can access your network and Wi-Fi, blocking potential threats seamlessly. It also protects the Wi-Fi signals in such a way that they cannot be intercepted. This is done by applying encryption individually per channel (with the mTLS protocol). This prevents snooping / infiltrating the Wi-Fi, as is a common attack method when using pre-shared keys (PSK's)


Use Case 2: Divide a Network into Smaller Segments to Reduce Risks

The more devices on a network, the higher the potential risk of compromise. A single compromised device could be a gateway for attackers to infiltrate your network further. To mitigate these risks, network segmentation is crucial. Soliton OneGate, in tandem with NetAttest EPS, simplifies network segmentation through dynamic VLAN assignment for devices. This method reduces the risk of lateral movement and helps preserve the integrity of your network.


Use Case 3: Enable Federated Access to Cloud Applications Using a Client Certificate

Managing individual accounts for multiple cloud services can be cumbersome, leading to complexities in credential management, increased security vulnerabilities from multiple passwords, and inefficiencies in access control. Soliton OneGate simplifies this by enabling federated access to cloud applications using a client certificate and additional authentication methods if required. With a single identity provider, you can centralise authentication and provide a seamless single sign-on experience for your users across various cloud platforms.


Use Case 4: Eliminate Passwords from the Login Process

Passwords have long been a headache for both users and administrators. They demand users to remember numerous complex strings for various services, leading to security risks if passwords are forgotten, reused, or managed incorrectly. Soliton OneGate supports the FIDO2 standard and an authenticator app, allowing you to eliminate passwords from the login process. This enhances security and significantly improves the user experience, making logins hassle-free and secure because it is still two-factor authentication.


Use Case 5: Use Password Management When Federated Logins Are Not Feasible

In some cases, applications may lack support for federated logins, or their implementation may be cost-prohibitive. This can lead to managing various standalone authentication processes, increasing complexity, security vulnerabilities, and user frustration. Soliton OneGate provides an integrated password manager that can automatically insert complex passwords on behalf of the user. Users do not need to know these passwords - they can be fetched from the OneGate cloud. This approach simplifies access and significantly boosts security for both internal and cloud-based applications.


Whether you need to secure your network and Wi-Fi, streamline access to cloud applications, or eliminate passwords from the equation, Soliton OneGate has you covered.

Don't miss out on the future of secure authentication. Explore the possibilities with Soliton OneGate today and experience the peace of mind that comes with cutting-edge security solutions.

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