Soliton OneGate: Revolutionising Authentication with Digital Certificates

In an era where digital security is a must, the quest for innovative authentication solutions has led us to the forefront of this evolving landscape. Soliton OneGate is here to usher in a new era in authentication, seamlessly blending the power of digital certificates and multi-factor authentication to create a password-free yet highly secure authentication experience. 

In this article, we will explore how Soliton OneGate is transforming the way we think about authentication, with a focus on its key themes and benefits. 


A Paradigm Shift in Authentication

Soliton OneGate represents a significant shift in the way we approach authentication methods. At its core, it places digital certificates at the forefront of the authentication process. OneGate ensures secure access through mutual Transport Layer Security (mTLS), adding an extra layer of security to network and cloud access. What's more, organisations retain control over their dedicated Certificate Authority, enhancing their ability to manage access effectively.


The Power of OneGate: Key Features and Benefits

Soliton OneGate offers a holistic approach to security, introducing a single authentication method that optimises both security and efficiency. This approach simplifies the consolidation of cloud services, streamlining access while strengthening authentication processes.

  1. Unified Identity Management: Organisations can have a comprehensive solution for managing user identities, making maintaining security and compliance standards easier.
  2. Only One Login Needed: Users can seamlessly access the resources they need without the hassle of remembering multiple passwords.
  3. Enhanced Usability: Users can enjoy password-free entry to networks and cloud services, unlocking unparalleled convenience. This access is fortified by invisible user certificates and options like FIDO2, allowing multi-factor authentication without relying on passwords.

Experience the Future of Authentication

Soliton OneGate is not just a theoretical concept—it's a revolutionary solution changing how organisations approach authentication and access control. So, are you ready to experience the future of authentication firsthand? Witness how Soliton OneGate revolutionises identity management and access security. Click below to see OneGate in action.

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