Network security doesn’t have to be complicated

You know you need strong network security in your business. A NAC solution allows you to protect your data (and that of external parties), prevent unauthorised access to your network and ensure your employees obey your IT policies. However, too often, businesses need help to implement the best system.

Network Access Control (NAC) is an essential component of any IT security system, but too often, it causes headaches rather than peace of mind. Sound familiar?


Drawbacks to implementing  NAC

Here are some of the issues companies face when selecting and implementing a NAC solution:

  • Complexity – When you aren’t sure exactly what you need, the myriad of features some NAC solutions offer can be overwhelming.

  • Affordability – Your NAC may require hardware and a consultant to set it up, which can get expensive.

  • Time-consuming – Configuring your NAC may cause disruption. Plus, you have to provide training for your employees.

  • Manageability – Complex NAC solutions require specialists to run them daily.

  • Future-proofing – How do you keep your NAC up-to-date with the latest cybersecurity trends without it becoming a full-time job?


Overcoming these challenges

Most businesses don’t know (or what their NAC providers don’t tell them) that you don’t necessarily need the wide range of features that NAC solutions offer. The size of your business, where it is based and how it is structured, how many machines you have (if any), and other factors will determine the NAC solution you need. And, when you only pay for the features you use, your NAC is as affordable as it can be.

For example, many SMEs could achieve the network security they need with just these three features:

  • Smart authentication – Authentication is necessary to ensure only authorised users can access your network, but you don’t want it to be a burden. Digital certificates are perceived as complex. But with expert guidance, it can also be a straightforward task for less experienced people to do. 

  • Multi-device access – In today’s world of flexible work, your team members will likely want to work on mobile devices. Multiplatform certificate management gives your people the flexibility they need without compromising your security, while temporary network access means you can warmly welcome visitors and enable third party access.

  • Easy updates – Solutions not using agents at the endpoint help you avoid complex update management and agents that leave holes in your security.


Introducing all-in-one Network Access Control

You could have a NAC with just these three features that work for your business, giving you precisely what you need at the best possible price. Moreover, you could run it inside your company without needing specialists.

NetAttest EPS from Soliton gives you these features and more. It’s designed to provide you with the following:

  • Complete visibility into your network

  • Effortless onboarding for all levels of access on every device

  • No software installation on individual devices is required, making updates easy

However, if you’re here for extra features to make NAC work in your organisation, Soliton has it all. Extras include full integration with existing infrastructures in your network and a secure database for MAC addresses, making access easier for machines with burned-in addresses.


Find out more from Soliton

Even the smallest of businesses need NAC in their security structure, and the benefits by far outweigh the disadvantages. For the NAC solution that is affordable, easy to manage and can scale with your business, it’s time to talk to Soliton.

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