European and International Institutions benefit from cloud technology for live broadcasting with H.265 over multiple 4G connections

Smart-telecaster ZaoSÉRGIO PINHEIRO is the owner of CDNTV, which provides mainstream TV and live video streamingto social media channels for major European and International institutions. His clients require global video streaming for conferences, governmental meetings and international events around the world. The content of these meetings may necessitate it being secure and so utilizes the encryption functionality,but if not, they can also be broadcast live directly onto the corporations Facebook and Instagram accounts by distribution over ku-band satellites. CDNTV produces public news reports, corporate films, documentaries and institutional video content.

CDNTV is unique as it doesn’t just provide corporate audio-visual communications. Pinheiro travels around the world on behalf of his clients. He is often met with surprise by fellow broadcasters and journalists as to how well his technology operates. For example, he doesn’t need a laptop for transmissions, he is often able to start broadcasting live before the otherpeople around him have their equipment even turned on. He finds that the Soliton Zao’s and his cameras are up and running within 30 seconds, whereas his counterparts may need 3 minutes minimum before they are ready to start broadcasting.

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